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Dr. Nichole Svehla, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Nichole Svehla graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.  She spent 15 years as an emergency doctor in emergency and specialty hospitals before taking up general practice.
Her special medical interests include imaging, wound care, allergies, and helping anxious pets feel more comfortable at the vet. 
In her spare time, Dr Svehla enjoys yoga, hiking and spending time with her pets. 

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Dr. Vanessa Hoard, DVM

Associate Veterinarian 

WELCOME!  We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our veterinary family: the esteemed and highly accomplished Dr. Vanessa Hoard! With a passion for providing exceptional care to our furry and feathered friends, Dr. Hoard brings an impressive background and a wealth of experience to our practice. We are sure you will love her compassionate, caring bedside manner. 



Dr. Vanessa Hoard grew up in Miami, Fl and received her Bachelor of Science in biology from George Washington University. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences for Veterinary Medicine in Pomona, CA in 2009 and completed a rigorous small animal internship at Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Santa Monica in 2010.


In addition to helping dogs and cats, she has a particular interest in rabbit medicine and surgery. She also has worked with a number of different species from dolphins and seals to tigers. Dr. Hoard has helped save hundreds of hurt and malnourished seals and sea lions. 


Her goal is to provide compassionate and individualized medical care for all her patients- dog, cat, rabbit, or marine mammal! 



Dr. Laura Sanabria, DVM

Associate Veterinarian 

We WELCOME Dr. Laura Sanabria to the Rose Canyon Team! Dr. Laura Sanabria's journey in veterinary medicine began amidst the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico, where her passion for animal care first blossomed. Her pursuit of excellence led her to North Carolina State's College of Veterinary Medicine, where she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2018.

Driven by a relentless desire to expand her expertise, Dr. Sanabria embarked on a path of continuous learning. In 2019, she completed an intensive emergency and specialty small animal rotating internship, honoring her skills in critical care and specialty procedures. 

Since then, Dr. Sanabria has been at the forefront of emergency medicine in the bustling city of San Diego. With a steadfast commitment to providing exemplary care, she specializes in ultrasound diagnostics and intricate surgical wound repairs. Her dedication extends beyond treatment to empowering pet parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their furry companions' well-being. 

Joining our esteemed tea, Dr. Sanabria brings with her wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to our shared mission of enriching the lives of animals and the families who cherish them. We are honored to welcome her aboard as we continue to strive for excellence in veterinary care.

Dr. David Demner, DVM, Diplomate, ACVS

Staff Surgeon

Dr. Demner is a board-certified surgeon and is available for advanced surgeries including orthopedics, soft tissue and emergency surgeries. He is one of the most trusted veterinarians in San Diego for fracture repair and TPLO knee surgeries for cruciate (ACL) injuries. Dr. Demner’s vision is to deliver the best surgical care to patients in the comfort and familiarity of their primary care hospital… while receiving the same expert care found at specialty centers at a fraction of the price. He enjoys all aspects of surgery, but his specific interests include orthopedic, and soft tissue surgery.  

Dr. Demner’s vision is to deliver the best surgical care to patients in the comfort and familiarity of their primary care hospital… while receiving the same expert care found at a specialty center for a fraction of the price!



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