At Rose Canyon Animal Hospital we offer a wide variety of surgical services from standard spays and neuters, to complicated soft tissue, emergency and orthopedic surgeries.


We take pride in providing high quality dental services. Dogs and cats, young and old, can have serious dental disease with very little to no symptoms or signs… and we are here to help!

Wellness Care

Preventative care is essential for keeping our pets healthy and happy long term. We take time to discuss a plan that most benefits both you and your pet’s health.


Sick & Emergency Care

Emergencies, unexpected accidents, and illness are often unpredictable and stressful. We make every effort to accommodate patients as soon as possible when they are sick or in need of urgent care.

Diagnostic Imaging

When a problem arises with your pet, we often turn to diagnostic imaging to help us quickly find out what is wrong. We have a complete array of diagnostic imaging capabilities, including digital radiographs (X-rays) and ultrasound services.

In-house Lab

We offer convenient in-house lab services and can have blood work results in minutes. Fast blood work means faster treatment for your pet and peace of mind for you!

Emergency Services

Emergencies, unexpected accidents and illnesses are often unpredictable and stressful. When your pet is not well, you deserve prompt and thorough attention. At Rose Canyon Animal Hospital, we make every effort to accommodate patients same day when they are sick or in need of urgent care. 



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